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Interim order for the release of the two letters of intent signed by the City:    the Letters of Intent must be released.

Explanation of the interim order

NEW:  Letters of intent signed by the City and the Xinyi Corporation: 

Non-binding letter of intent

Binding Letter of intent

List of in-camera minutes relating to Xinyi

We would like to thank the residents of Stratford, whose generous contributions funded the research into inappropriate in-camera discussions. We include everything we have received so far, although some are heavily redacted.  Also, some of the records we received were not items we asked for. Some documents and minutes that should have been made public have not been supplied at all.  It is regrettable that these documents were not made available before the 2022 municipal election, as requested.

In addition, there is information in these documents that should have been made public on other topics, like the RNG and Grand Trunk projects. A brief description accompanies each document.

Provincial government

Stratford’s mayor sent at least three letters to the Ontario Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing asking for provincial help in declaring a Minister’s Zoning order. The three letters we know about were written on

November 20, 2018  (click for pdf)

March 11, 2020  (click for pdf)

April 16, 2020 (click for pdf)

The Mayor’s final letter was successful, and Stratford became the first of many Ontario communities to protest the imposition of this measure.

Looking for a bylaw?

We have a listing of all Stratford bylaws going back to 1800. Each bylaw is accompanied by a short description which may be helpful in finding it (descriptions leave something to be desired).

Although the City has a listing of the most frequently used bylaws, a complete search is hard to do, and this list may be of use. To search by keyword, open the .pdf file for the appropriate years and use the menu at the top right. These files were received from the City in May, 2023; the latest entry is February 4, 2020. Once you have found the appropriate bylaw, the City Clerk’s office should be able to email you a copy, or you can call them at 519-271-0250 extension 5237.