Toward a sustainable future for Stratford Ontario

Thursday’s meeting was wonderful. So many supportive and concerned people! You can find the link to the unedited recording below, and we will send out sections of it through social media and the newsletter.

The big announcement for us was our new project with the Small Change Fund, which will help us work for democratic reform in our own municipality, and at the same time we’ll be able to share what we have learned with other groups in Southwestern Ontario, through webinars, resource creation, and on-the-ground participation. The Small Change Fund will help us raise money to support these activities, and we think we can get a great deal done, with your support. Our Small Change project was discussed in Thursday’s meeting, and we’ll be talking about it in the newsletter as well.

So the project officially starts today, Friday July 5. If you’d like to help us out, click this link to go to our new fundraising page.

Looking for our recording of the July 4 community meeting?

You’ll need the link AND copy the passcode (below). This is the entire unedited recording, but we will be sharing parts of it later on through social media and through our newsletter.

Click here for the link

Passcode: $D4DEF2?

Got a comment or a question on the June 27 Council discussion of the Krug Neighbourhood Project?



News on the BAN

What Mike said

During the break at the Council meeting of February 26, a member of the public took issue with the truthfulness of one of the presenters. Although the person I mention was not one of the delegation presenters, he was opposed to the loss of rental housing for...

The Krug project is HUGE.

On the positive side, this is a project that takes into account the cultural history of the Krug factory (Trinity Street). They have given serious consideration to how the project will conform to the architecture of Stratford. The developer intends to retrofit the...

Recent investigations

If you have thoughts you would like to share with an individual councillor,
use this linkTo send an email to all councillors, go here.




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