The Xinyi Glass Plant protest

Our sincere thanks to Peggy Seeger, who gave us permission to use her wonderful song as the theme for our protest. Peggy lives in Oxford, UK, where she is working on a campaign to preserve 45 acres of ancient woodland.  Learn more here.

 The Xinyi investigation is ongoing. See recent articles on our research below.

Posted below are the most relevant of our records for the Xinyi protest. If you are from a city or region that is under the threat of an MZO and need more information, please use the contact form at the bottom of this page.

What was the problem?


This 12-minute video excerpted from our December meeting is your best introduction to the Xinyi issue. It summarizes the many objections to the project, and gives details of the research we had done by December 8, 2020. Later, we learned much more.


THE STORY: click for a short history of the Xinyi protest
THE LATEST:  news on the Xinyi project and related issues will be included here
KEY ISSUES: a short overview

You may also be interested in the records archived by another Stratford group, Wise Communities.


SURVEY:  Read the survey performed by Corbett and Associates demonstrating that a huge majority of Stratford citizens were against the project.


Letter to the Mayor and City Councillors from Mike Sullivan, of Get Concerned Stratford, December 21, 2020. (no response)

New Letters Unearthed Commentary by Mike Sullivan and Jamie Gibb, February 4, 2021




29 Jun 2021 – General Meeting – Mike Sullivan examines the Closed Meeting Investigators report from Aird & Berlis and Jamie Gibb gives an update on the annexation of the lands where Xinyi planned to build before they left town. We also raised funds to help “Pay It Forward” so other communities have funds to start fighting Goliaths when they come to town.

11 Feb 2021 General Meeting. Hear updates from Get Concerned Stratford with insights, activities, and actions from a host of other community members & organizations.

19 Feb 2021 COMMUNITY CELEBRATION Hear from various Get Concerned & Stratford community speakers as they dig into what the Xinyi announcement means for Stratford, present more discoveries about the depth of the back-room dealings, and explore where Get Concerned Stratford is heading next in the journey to make Stratford a better, greener, and more democratic community.

25 January 2021 Hear it from Mayor Mathieson himself – there is a non-disclosure agreement with Xinyi. This is an excerpt from the January 7, 2021 online community meeting.

25 Jan 2021 General Meeting. We discussed that the City of Stratford has temporarily paused decision-making on the Xinyi plant. In this community meeting you will hear: – updates from Get Concerned Stratford spokesperson Melissa Verspeeten – a presentation on the problems with the City’s secrecy by Mike Sullivan – an updated for Get Concerned’s lawyer David Donnelly – a statement from Loreena McKennitt – ways to get engaged & take action from Lesley Walker-Fitzpatrick and Tori Sutton This meeting also includes financial reporting from Get Concerned.

7 Jan 2021 Community Meeting. Updates from the Get Concerned team, an enlightening presentation by lawyer David Donnelly, comments from the Stratford Mayor Dan Mathieson, and different actions you can take to ensure Town Council says No to Xinyi and the MZO!

22 December 2020. General Meeting. Even though it’s nearly Christmas, the campaign is in full swing. Updates from the Get Concerned organizers and the thoughts of community members. Research is beginning to pour in.

18 Dec 2020 We present our research so far. Council has cancelled two meetings, and we’re not sure what’s going on at City Hall. Hear the latest updates from Get Concerned Stratford’s No Xinyi, No MZO campaign, including the Stratford poll results, air quality information, and a presentation contextualizing the use of MZOs province-wide.


Melissa Verspeeten, GSC Spokesperson
Mike Balkwill, Wellington Water Watchers
John Corbett, John Corbett Communications
Mike Sullivan, GCS
Dr. Franco DiGiovanni, DiGiSci Environmental
Loreena McKennitt, Wise Communities Dr. Anne Bell, Ontario Nature

8 Dec 2020 The Energy & Environment Committee of Stratford reviewed Xinyi’s proposal. Their take & recommendation to council? Town Council must vote no to the Xinyi glass float plant proposal!

8 Dec 2020 Water is precious and a human right, yet Xinyi wants to deplete Stratford’s drinking water aquifer and disregard water restrictions during drought. We cannot welcome this attitude toward water in Stratford and Stratford Town Council must ensure that water is for life, not profit!

8 Dec 2020 Learn more about why Xinyi is really a heavy industry and how they can expand completely unchecked if we open the door to them in Stratford. It’s obvious to us that we must say No Xinyi, No MZO and that Stratford Town Council must hear the will of the community!

8 Dec 2020 Learn why workers, jobs, and the geopolitics of Xinyi, a Chinese national corporation, are not promising benefits for Stratford. Stratford Town Council must say no to this vague plan.

8 Dec 2020 Learn why emissions and particulates are a big deal for Stratford and surrounding areas in the proposed Xinyi glass float plant.

8 Dec 2020 This is a high-level summary of the issues and questions around the proposed Xinyi glass plant, created from select parts of Mike Sullivan’s presentations during the Dec. 8th Get Concerned Stratford Community meeting.

8 Dec 2020 Dr. Collan Simmons, a local physician and environmental advocate has some questions for Town Councillors about the environmental impact of the proposed Xinyi Float Glass Plant. His take? Just say no!

8 Dec 2020 THIS IS THE FULL MEETING excerpted above. Hear from Get Concerned Stratford & Stratford community members about why Stratford Council and Mayor must say No Xinyi, No MZO!

Speakers include

Melissa Verspeeten – GCS Spokesperson Mike Balkwill – Wellington Water Watchers
Mike Sullivan – GCS
Dr. Collan Simmons – Stratford physician & environmental advocate
Winnie Ng – Toronto Association for Democracy in China
Loreena McKennitt – International artist, Owner/Director of Falstaff Family Centre – David Donnelly – Donnelly Law