City Hall bans residents

Beacon Herald, March 28, 2023.
Stratford council seeks legal advice as future of Avon Crest left uncertain

Local heritage and environmental advocates squared off with the Huron Perth Healthcare Alliance over the alliance’s planned demolition of Avon Crest, Stratford’s first public hospital, at Monday’s council meeting before councillors ultimately voted to seek legal advice on recent changes to the Ontario Heritage Act before deciding whether grant the properties at 86 and 90 John St. S. heritage status.

Beacon Herald, November 15, 2022. New Stratford council to consider having deputy mayor chair in-camera meetings, by Galen Simmons

StratfordToday, November 15, 2022. City to prepare new procedural bylaw for new council. by Connor Luckza — Following investigations into improprieties via reports presented to council about in-camera meetings, recommendations are being made to the incoming city council, with more to come

StratfordToday, October 21, 2022. City staff, council should complete open meeting training: Inspector, by Paul Cluff.

Stratford Beacon Herald, October 20, 2022. Second Report finds Stratford council regularly broke closed-meeting rules.” by Chris Montanini

October 4, 2022 Despite a $25,000 fine, Stratford group vows to keep its lawn signs up (Colin Butler – CBC News)

“What the group wants people to remember, according to Collingwood, is how much of council business on Xinyi was conducted behind closed doors during in-camera meetings, which the public is barred from attending.”

October 3, 2022 Get Concerned Stratford signs violate election advertising rules, city officials claim (Chris Montanini – Stratford Beacon Herald)

““When the city identifies or has been advised that there’s an issue and we’re completing a review, we reach out to those persons, organizations or groups in order to provide some information about the requirements under the act, and then we also seek some additional clarification,” she said. “Following that, the city would continue to review. For any complaint or concern we would receive, this process would be followed.”

Voting discrimination against Stratford renters

. Citizens group sent election information letter to voters. Paul Cluff, Stratford Today.

 The Good Governance Group describe themselves as citizens committed to the principles of participatory democracy – transparency, full accountability, and a commitment to draw public opinion into the council decision-making process. After the City of Stratford sent voting information letters to home owners but not renters, the group decided to mail out their own voter information sheets 

Province holds back on environmental protections: let them know your views by March 13.

March 8, 2022. The province is letting us down by not requiring higher efficiency levels in their revised building code. Read Mike Sullivan’s letter to learn more.

See more detail in this letter from Passivehaus Canada.

Read this blog post by Efficiency Canada on the opportunities lost by this decision.

You are welcome to use Mike’s letter as a base for your own submission to the province. Please use the link below for the submission page.

Stratford receives questionable award

February 19, 2022. Stratford Ont. city council declared Canada’s ‘most secretive’ by Toronto think-tank.
Colin Butler, CBC News.

February 15, 2022. Stratford City Council selected as 2021’s ‘most secretive’ municipal body Centre for Free Expression, Ryerson University.

February 16, 2022. Glass plant controversy earns Stratford sarcastic secrecy award. Chris Montanini, Stratford Beacon Herald.

February 15, 2022. Stratford Wins (Not So) Coveted Code of Silence Award. Adam A. Donaldson, Guelph Politico.

October 27, 2021. Get Concerned Stratford has received notice from the City of Stratford that the City will not release the information on in-camera meetings that was illegally withheld by them. Here is Mike Sullivan’s letter to the Ontario Ombudsman. The City’s argument is that altering meeting minutes might falsify them. This is not what was requested; GCS is requesting additional commentary.

October 26, 2021. Stratford takes action to ensure Council sticks to closed-meeting rules. Galen Simmons, Beacon Herald.

August 11, 2021. Our letter to the Stratford Beacon Herald reveals the lack of rigour in the Integrity Commissioner’s investigation.

August 9, 2021. At a regular council meeting Robert Swayze, the Stratford Integrity Commissioner, reported no valid integrity complaints for the year 2020. See his report here.

February 20, 2021. Stratford community group holds virtual celebration over glass plant decision. Kitchener News

February 16, 2021, Exclusive: Doug Ford donors benefit as fast-tracked developments override environmental concerns
Comprehensive, excellent report on MZO’s by Emily McIntosh of the National Observer, with detail on Stratford.

February 16, 2021. Stratford glass factory project suspended ‘indefinitely’ following backlash over minister’s zoning order. Careful, in-depth reporting by Noor Javed, Toronto Star

February 16, 2021. Xinyi Canada suspends proposed glass facility ‘indefinitely,’ citing Stratford council delays Kitchener News

January 18, 2021. Plans on hold as Stratford glas plant battle simmers. The Stratford Local

December 21, 2020. Former First Nations chief speaks out against proposed glass factory. Beacon Herald.

December 15, 2020. Stratford activist group charges Chinese glassmaker Xinyi is national security threat. CBC London

December 14, 2020., Cost sharing agreement for controversial float glass factory delayed again. Beacon Herald

December 11, 2020. Former Toronto mayor to speak at public rally opposing glass factory in Stratford. Beacon Herald

December 4, 2020. “Ontario New Democrats Raising Concerns about proposed Stratford glass plant.” Beacon Herald

November 27, 2020. Questions about proposed glass factory keep pouring in to City Hall.   Beacon Herald

November 24, 2020. “Opposition mounts against Chinese glass plant in Ontario town” Radio Canada International

November 17, 2020 Stratford councillors defer infrastructure agreement with Xinyi. “The details in the agreement made public last week could change, Mathieson added. “The city has not finalized the agreement and passed it, so it’s still subject to council’s review and approval in open session.”

November 16, 2020. Watch the citizens of Stratford tear a strip off their elected representatives.

November 16, 2020 Stratford residents push back against proposed glass making plant (Beacon Herald)

November 15, 2020:  Beacon Herald article summarizing the online Xinyi presentation of Saturday, November 14.

November 13, 2020:  Does Stratford need a glass factory?  Letter by Mike Sullivan on the Xinyi proposal  in the Stratford Beacon Herald.

November 13, 2020:  Beacon Herald article: “Details emerge about proposed glass-manufacturing plant” (this could use deeper research, if anyone has the time)

November 12, 2020: The City of Stratford announces two upcoming meetings for Monday, November 16 at 5pm and Tuesday, November 17 at 1 pm to discuss the Xinyi proposal. Written submissions will be accepted before noon on November 16, and delegations must apply before 10 am on November 16 to be able to give a 4-minute presentation to council.  See the announcement here.

November 12, 2020:The City of Stratford publishes an information sheet on the Xinyi proposal.

November 11, 2020:  Local blog post: ”What We Know About the Xinyi Glass Plant.”

November 3, 2020:  Beacon Herald article: “Glass maker sets date for public meeting about potential $400m Stratford plant.”

October 29, 2020:  The general public of Stratford becomes aware of the Xinyi project through an article in the Beacon Herald

August 10, 2020: The Ontario Federation of Agriculture writes the Minister of Municipal Affairs, Steve Clark, to protest the proliferation of MZO’s. The OFA is concerned about the loss of farmland to development.

August 4, 2020:  Beacon Herald article on the annexation of land to the south of the city.

August 2020: Articles begin to appear on the threat posed by the proliferation of MZO’s.
Environmental Defence Canada

February 19, 2020:  Letter to the editor of the Beacon Herald expressing concern about a possible Xinyi project in Stratford.

February 10, 2020:   The City of Stratford adopts a climate emergency declaration.

February 5, 2020: Stratford City officials back plan to annex Perth South Farmland. Beacon Herald

2014:  Xinyi workers go on strike: “Last week, thousands of workers at the Shenzhen factory of Xinyi Glass, a Hong Kong-listed company, launched a strike due to labor disputes. The Shenzhen police quickly intervened and not only sent police officers to the company, but also arrested a number of striking workers. It is reported that the chairman of Xinyi Glass has a deep political background in mainland China, and therefore receives special “care” from the Shenzhen police.”