Build Better

This is a listing of controversial building projects in Stratford. We hope to use these pages to help neighbours keep in touch with each other and learn more about the issues.

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Krug Factory Neighbourhood

Avon Crest (2023)

Queen/Trow development (2021)

The Krug project is HUGE.

On the positive side, this is a project that takes into account the cultural history of the Krug factory (Trinity Street). They have given serious consideration to how the project will conform to the architecture of Stratford. The developer intends to retrofit the...

Avon Crest and taxpayers deserve more

This letter, written by Loreena McKennitt, was published through Wise Communities on March 27, 2023. It is with concern and disappointment that we are now seeing yet another of Stratford’s unique and significant buildings prepared for demolition without a timely and...