On the positive side, this is a project that takes into account the cultural history of the Krug factory (Trinity Street). They have given serious consideration to how the project will conform to the architecture of Stratford. The developer intends to retrofit the factory into apartments, but keep the shell. Looks good on paper, anyway.

However, the project is too big for that neighbourhood, the traffic is going to be crazy, and we couldn’t find any mention of affordable housing.* To say nothing of the precedent-setting 10-storey tower. This project will make a dramatic change in Stratford, and it was only filed on April 16. Now we have a public meeting for May 27, the public’s last chance to comment.  Why the rush?

We had a bit of a fuss getting the documents through the Engage Stratford website, so we tried to leave a copy here in case others want to have a quick look. Unfortunately, they are password protected, so we’ve put up a few representative screenshots.. If you need files for a presentation to the City, you’ll have to write Engage Stratford.

 *Since this was written, BMI has put up more information on their website, including a mention of affordable housing. Remember, though, that a webpage isn’t a contract, or even a proposal.

Note that the illustrations below show a much smaller tower than is planned. The developer is now asking for a 10-storey tower.

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