At the request of Get Concerned Stratford, an investigation of Stratford City Council’s secret (in-camera) meetings has been conducted by the Closed Meetings Investigator. The report was released this morning.

The City has now posted the report on its website:  access it here.

Media coverage of Closed Meetings Investigator Report

Stratford Beacon Herald, October 20, 2022. Second Report finds Stratford council regularly broke closed-meeting rules.” by Chris Montanini

StratfordToday, October 21, 2022. City staff, council should complete open meeting training: Inspector, by Paul Cluff.

StratfordToday, November 15, 2022. City to prepare new procedural bylaw for new council. by Connor Luckza —Following investigations into improprieties via reports presented to council about in-camera meetings, recommendations are being made to the incoming city council, with more to come

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