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We hope to use this page to provide an ongoing perspective on city governance. We acknowledge that we are not unbiased, but we believe our contribution will be valuable. We’re building a list of specific concerns at the bottom of this page.

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Update on investigation of City Council

Get Concerned Stratford continues to ask for documentsand minutes from the city. Some of the requests go back three years.Here’s what’s outstanding.  A generic request for any files related to Xinyi was met with a bill for $8800 before they would begin looking.  We...

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Avon Crest and taxpayers deserve more

This letter, written by Loreena McKennitt, was published through Wise Communities on March 27, 2023. It is with concern and disappointment that we are now seeing yet another of Stratford’s unique and significant buildings prepared for demolition without a timely and...

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A Surprise for Avon Crest

The federal government announced new retrofitting funding in February. There's a catch, though... The federal government is under pressure: our emissions are quickly climbing to pre-pandemic levels, and government needs to find ways to meet 2030 targets.  Retrofitting...

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Council regularly broke closed meeting rules

CONTROVERSIAL CLOSED MEETINGS REPORT RELEASED At the request of Get Concerned Stratford, an investigation of Stratford City Council’s secret (in-camera) meetings has been conducted by the Closed Meetings Investigator. The report was released this morning. The City has...

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