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Climate Momentum and The Perth County Sustainability Hub put on two very well-attended meetings in Stratford this week.

The first meeting was an afternoon Climate Momentum social. These are held regularly at The Parlour, usually in the late afternoon. It’s a good way to kick back, talk to your neighbours, and learn a little bit of Stratford environmental news. This time, though, they had an invited speaker, Ryan Erb, Executive Director of Perth Huron United Way. Ryan spoke about the homeless, and he also told us a lot about innovative and VERY ECONOMICAL ways to provide assisted and affordable housing. It was a very uplifting talk, and I think people went away with a completely different perspective on what could be done about housing in Stratford.

Later in the evening, Perth County Sustainability had another of their online roundtable talks, this time with Jason Davis,  co-founder of the Stratford Affordable Housing Alliance (SAHA). Jason had just returned from the Community Land Trust Network Summit with some striking new ideas on the ways we can provide affordable housing here in Stratford. The audience for this talk was very well-informed, and we had a lively discussion of the many new and exciting possibilities that are open for Stratford.

Both meetings were filmed by Perth County Sustainability, and you can see them below.

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